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Greetings from Teachers' Teammates.

We are excited to welcome you to Teachers Teammates’ online free store for teachers in Delaware County, PA. Ultimately, our goal is to make this resource available to all teachers in Delaware County. Currently, we are able to offer this resource to the teachers in schools where at least 65% of the students are eligible for the national lunch program. We are a young, all-volunteer organization that wants to support teachers and their students. Please be patient with us as we work out logistics and glitches. Since establishing Teachers’ Teammates in the summer of 2020, the outpouring of enthusiasm and donations from the community has been incredible – people want to support teachers and students!

Important information to know:

1. Eligible teachers are invited to join Teachers' Teammates by registering and paying a $35 annual fee. The annual fee permits members to shop 1/quarter from the date of registration and helps offset the cost of providing this resource.

2. We now have periodic after-school and Saturday hours scheduled for you to pick up your order (and for others' in your school or district). Please schedule your pick up date when you place your order. If a colleague is picking up your order when they pick up theirs, notify Teachers' Teammates by emailing us at Thank you.

3. We cannot guarantee brands of products, photos are for illustration only, not a confirmation of the availability of a specific brand. We are dependent on what donors give to us and we accept all brands of products. Occasionally, a product is over ordered if 2 teachers order it at the same time. If this occurs in your order, we will substitute another product.

4. Products will be new or in nearly new condition. Currently, each shopper is limited to choosing 25 different products to make the resource available to as many teachers as possible. If you do not see 25 items that you would like to order, return to shop another time. Inventory changes and is updated daily. Periodically we may pause access to the store so we can catch up on filling orders. If this happens, please check back in a few days to see if we’ve reopened the shop.

5. A few products but not all will incur a $5 handling charge per $50 in value. The fees offset the cost of providing the products to as many teachers as possible.

6. We have many donations of only one item of a product, we will randomly include these as bonus gifts in your order as they are available. If it is not something you could use, please pass on to a colleague or donate it back to Teachers’ Teammates.

7. All volunteers are required to take covid safety precautions per CDC.

8. We are very interested in your feedback and suggestions and will incorporate what we can to make this the best experience for you as possible.

9. For every colleague that you refer, who joins Teachers’ Teammates, you will be able to receive 1 bonus shop. Please send an email to providing the name of the person you referred to receive instructions on how to access the online store for your bonus “shop”.

10. For every 3 hours that a teacher volunteers for Teachers’ Teammates, they are eligible for 1 bonus “shop”. Please email to schedule your volunteer time.

11. Please contact Founder, Raelyn Harman at with your questions and comments.

Thank you for all that you do for the students in Delaware County .